Good choice! Nice BE (Block Explorer) you have there. Nothing like the smell of new paint and upholstery. So, what to do next? Familiarize yourself with the game’s landing page layout.

Your landing page will look something like this:

Let’s break them down and go through each element one at a time.

This is your profile. If you click on this, you will be taken to your profile page where you will find your Profile Details, your Net Worth, the goal to the next level, the total properties, and a list of all properties that you own, the number of collections and the collection types that you’ve completed. This is also the place where you can change your Block Explorer.

This is an indicator of the total UPX available for use. Think of this as a ‘wallet’ or an ‘account’ that holds the UPX you own.

If you decide you want to progress faster in the game, click this to get some UPX. Remember that if you’ve signed up using our link, your first purchase of UPX will get you an additional 50% more UPX. Plan carefully how much you want to invest in the game.

You get dividends from properties that you purchase. If you complete collections, you get higher earnings. This clock (left image) will count down from 03:00:00 to 00:00:00. These earnings will accumulate and you can add them to your ‘wallet’ every 3 hours when the clock reaches 00:00:00.

If after 3 hours you do not collect the earnings, it’ll just keep accruing dividends and the clock indicator will be replaced with an image like that shown on the left. This amount will accrue until you click it to add to your ‘wallet’.

This icon toggles property (building) labels and neighborhood demarcations. See below image. Left image with toggle off and right image with toggle on.

Here’s what it looks like when you zoom closer. Left image with toggle off and right image toggle on.

If you click this icon, you’ll be presented with a list of properties within the range of your Block Explorer. These are the properties that you may purchase (if it’s in light green).

Click on this if you want to send your Block Explorer to a specific address. Just enter the address in the field and if the address is correct, you will be presented with the link to the address. Clicking on the link will get your Block Explorer to will travel there.

The 3 dots located at the bottom of the screen opens up the Quick Menu.

This is what your Quick Menu looks like.

Except for (1) Treasures, (2) Leaders & (3) Challenges, the rest is self-explanatory. In short: (1) Treasures gives you access to a Treasure hunt where you have a chance to hunt for piñatas or treasure chests that contain UPX. (2) Leaders list top players in a few different categories and (3) Challenges with the chance to win UPX and other goodies will appear here. Challenges are organized quite frequently by the Upland Team.

Last but not least is the zoom button. Click on this to zoom in for a closeup look at your Block Explorer and the surrounding properties.

This is the zoomed-in view. You can fine-tune this. You will have a close look at your Block Explorer. Here are some items associated with your Block Explorer that you’ll want to know.

  1. This number shows you how many properties are within your Block Explorer’s range. Clicking on it will show you all the properties. You can click to go to any of them and make a purchase if it’s light green in color.
  2. This is called a badge. You’ll be awarded these for your participation in certain events organized by the Upland Team.
  3. This is your level. All players start as Visitor. Then the progression is as follows: Uplander (U) > Pro (P) > Director (D) > Executive (E).
  4. These stacks of chips show how many collections you’ve completed. You’ll want to pile them high because these collections help you give you higher earnings.
  5. This is like the contrail of an airplane. It shows you where your Block Explorer was traveling from. Like contrail, it gets fainter the further it is from your Block Explorer. The length is about 3 or 4 blocks long.

This is just a brief introduction the the in-game navigation. It should get you started right away. Have fun.

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