Why on earth would I buy those virtual properties?

This is my second piece on answering the above question. The first piece entitled – Virtual Properties: Why I Bought What I Bought was a piece I entered for the writing competition put out by Upland and Publish0x in which I was one of the first prize winners. You can read about it here. In that article, I had focused on properties in Manhattan.

To be frank, I’m not much of a writer but I had tremendously enjoyed writing that piece, maybe because I had invested so much time in researching and obtaining said properties.

If you know how Upland works, collection properties enable you to have boosted earnings that ranged from anywhere from 1.1x for the lowest-tiered NEWBIE Standard Collection up to 3x for the highest-tiered THE CURATOR Ultra Rare Collection.

And if you’ve been in the game for a while, you’ll also know that collection properties are highly sought after and command a premium price in the secondary market. If there are any such unminted properties left, they can cost an arm and a leg and then some.

Given this scenario, what can you do? You can either Pay-to-Play or you can Grind-to-Play which is my way of saying Free-to-Play. Pay-to-Play is self-explanatory. It’s a scenario where it takes “money to make money”. As for Grind-to-Play, it’s like working a faucet, you grind until you can afford to buy the next property in order to get higher earnings, and so on so forth. Hopefully, through this process, you’ll make enough to complete some lower-tiered collections.

The best chance to complete collections is when a city opens up. This is a free-for-all, much like a mad rush to get the best sales item in a Black Friday sale.

Personally, not being able to get collection properties when a city opens up is very upsetting and frustrating. This can be due to various reasons including bad planning, execution, and failure to anticipate the mad rush by the developer. Launch challenges are not uncommon, especially for games in Beta. Whether a game will continue to be successful depends on how these challenges are addressed.

When Brooklyn opened up in two waves on 9 March 2021, it was impossible for me to get any properties at all, let alone collection properties. The unanticipated response from new and existing players overwhelmed the servers and the “Here Comes Brooklyn” quickly ended up being known as the “Brooklyn Burn”.

Despite the re-launch, I was still not able to get more than 2 of the collections done. Fortunately, similar to Manhattan, I’d done some research and had a few properties I have wanted to get. Even those were mostly sold due to again how the Brooklyn re-launch was handled.

The consolation was that I had continued doing what I enjoyed doing in this game. If you have read my first article, you would know that I get satisfaction from acquiring unique properties that may or may not be in any collection. The advantage of playing a game like Upland is that it’s based on real-world addresses and people (whether they are players or not) relates to what’s familiar.

My enjoyment in hunting and getting these properties will one day pay off. In fact, I believe these properties will be worth much more than some that are in collections.

This time around, my research has brought me to properties in Brooklyn. Let’s continue with this follow-up article.

We start with one of the first non-collection properties that I was able to purchase. In a sense, I was surprised that it was still available for me to grab.

I’m referring to the New York Transit Museum on 99 Schermerhorn St. In the Upland Metaverse, the address is located at 110 Livingston St. The museum is located in an actual decommissioned subway station. This station was in service for 10 years having opened on 9 April 1936 and closed on 1 June 1946.

The museum started with temporary exhibits as part of the United States Bicentennial celebration on July 4, 1976. It was so popular that it became a permanent transit museum.

Numerous films were shot at this location, including the 2009 film The Taking of Pelham 123.

The second property I was surprised to get is located at 360 3rd Avenue. A stone building sits on this location. It is a building known as the Coignet Building and it’s the oldest concrete building in New York and designated as a Landmark.

The third pick I managed to acquire was the address of a 24-hour candy store named the Midnight Rose Candy Store that’s been responsible for 400 – 1000 executions in the 1930s and 1940s. Inside this innocuous-looking candy store located at 779 Saratoga Avenue was where the execution squad of the National Crime Syndicate operated. This is the secret headquarters of Murder, Inc.

I was fortunate enough to get a property that fits the Crown Heights Collection and also a property with historical significance. It’s the location of the Weeksville Heritage Center. It is a museum dedicated to the preservation of Weeksville, which is “one of America’s first free black communities during the 19th century” (source: Wikipedia)

I have a few other properties that I’d acquired that are part of my playing strategy. I will write about these in a future article.

Having all unlocked Brooklyn collection properties sold out, I’m back at my research. I’m sure there are still plenty of gems to be picked in Brooklyn and hence my research will continue. I’ll share my finds once I have accumulated enough to write about.

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If you want a clearer picture of how this works, scroll to the end of this article for more details.

To discover Upland further, please read “Discover Upland – A Day in the Life of UplandDood”. In that article, I’ve included more links to other Upland articles.

Do follow if you enjoy reading this as I’ll occasionally write about the Upland Game and other games that I choose to play.

Header Image Credit (cropped by author): Fabien Bazanegue, Unsplash.com

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